Programmis was born out of Google where we managed four territories for the internet giants across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel and South Africa.

We had a vision for creating a programmatic solution for agencies of all sizes. Offering them the service and support they need.

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic display adverts make up over 80% of the display ads you see online today.

Leveraging large amounts of data to define the target audience to show your adverts to.

Our machine learning algorithms learn from your customers behaviour and adjusts bids to show your adverts to clients more likely to engage with the advert.

Our Progrmmatic Partnership

We work with all sizes of marketing agencies to support them and their clients with programmatic advertising.

Our technology and seat agreements allow us to serve ads at only a 20% ad technology fee vs the average cost of 55% according to the IAB.

We understand the needs of agencies from our time at Google. Have a look at our agency support tab for more details.

How do we support agencies?

We provide agencies with managed and self managed programmatic support.

Including help with the following:

  • Client proposal build
  • Campaign build & optimisations
  • Budget recommendations
  • Client meeting support
  • Event support
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum ad spend

Our agencies benefit from the access and support across our DSP and through other DSP’s that we work with, providing you and your clients access to the right technology for their campaign.

The Proposal

Once we are provided with the relevant information around the goals for the marketing campaign we can start building the proposal.

Information we require includes:

  • Specific target audience
  • Geographical data
  • Sales or leads targets, including conversion data

Your account manager will take you through the full details that we need when producing a proposal.

The proposal that we send to you will be branded as Programmis, you are free to remove any or all of this, or if you have provided us with a blank template your agency uses we will build the proposal in it.

We will include some audience data, budget recommendations, CPM targets and projected performance.

Discovery to conception

After your client agrees to the campaign we will generate a client portal for this campaign.

Within the portal you can input the information required to generate a campaign Insertion Order, upload creatives, access report link, invoices and more.

Running the campaign

You will have access to the programmatic technology for the campaign, we can also provide your clients with access if you wish.

If you are managing the campaign internally we are here to provide support.

However, if we are managing the campaign we will agree on the reporting and reviews that are required.



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Programmis’s main office is located in Leeds, where our account strategy team works, we also have a small London office based in Google Campus and our South American branch is opening shortly.


Unit 13, 30 – 34 Aire Street, Leeds LS1 4HT


+44 113 833 0565


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